Active Draft SCP

We recognize that the Site-17 situation presents a unique circumstance, and will aid you as needed on the DRO-XXXX project. This is an intricate science, predicated upon trial and error, where loss is an assumption going in.

Active Project

Although the Foundation is generally understood to be a collector of mundane atrocities, a fair amount of its interactions with anomalies involve entities most fittingly described as gods.

Current Draft Tale

Previous containment procedures supplanted in wake of Operation Astaroth. Give your thanks to the deceased and then depart.

Backburner Project

Revamping my author page, one way or another.

Author Page

Nagiros' PoI File — You're my UwU in a sea of OwOs.

Aggressively trans, this author page offers an extensive overview of my activities on the wiki, a list of achievements, and a slew of recommended articles.

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