A Bunch of Freaks

Alright everyone, pile in. People on the sides, move in and we should have enough seats.

I'd like to personally welcome all of you to our fifth annual Convention of Horrors. It's been a damn long year, eh? Can we get some applause for our boys on the front lines, fighting the good fight to keep the Veil lifted?

Heh, yeah, that's good. Well, I'd like to address the non-anomalous elephant in the room: we have some normals in attendance tonight! Check out the back rows and give a hand to our guests of honor. They're going to be having a fun night at our Convention.

Next, direct your attention to the front and check out those glorious Hand bastards who took down the Veil in the first place. In recognition of their service, they get first crack at the refreshments and refreshment-analogous substances once my little speech is over.

Now then! As with every year, I want to explain for our newcomers what we do here. The Convention of Horrors is an annual conference started in 2014 to celebrate all things freakish, anomalous, aberrational — what have you. Speaking of which, although "freak" has undergone something of a reclamation from its origins as a slur, we'd appreciate it if you normals in the back didn't wear it out.

In previous years, this has been something of a networking conference where you can mix and mingle with people of your own kind. That's still it's primary function, but… damn, I got to level with you all. We've got to some work to do.

You'll see a few seats up near the front rows with Reserved signs. These seats are for our friends who have stuck with us through this damn masquerade. They're for the people who had to skulk in the Wanderers' Library because that seems to be the only safe space from the Foundation.

These people will never arrive tonight. This is our very own VIS section, for those Very Important Souls who were trampled by the Masquerade and died in the line of duty, children fighting a war against soldiers. We freaks know who these people are. Normals, you might have to, and just forgotten. Or been made to forget.

Because what we don't know can and has hurt us, and what we do know will set us free.

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