Faust: Existensia
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SCP-XXXX, with 9 of its 10 bullets.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures: Following its usage, SCP-XXXX was resolved by Overwatch fiat to be destroyed.

Due to its properties, SCP-XXXX's decommissioning required the total annihilation of individuals involved in its creation. As a result, the following internal divisions and departments were disbanded:

Title Personnel Terminated
Committee of Anomalous Warfare 87
Sub-Committee of Anti-Cognitohazardous Warfare 15
Department of Pataphysics 34
Department of Essophysics 20
Antimemetics Division 0
Retrotemporal & Retrocausal Anomalies Department 27
Ontological Para-Weaponry Research Division 6
Overwatch Command 13

Room #1 of the Site-001 Administrative Facility is to remain quarantined until the absence of paracognitohazardous anomalies is confirmed. At this time, Site-001 will be demolished.

The human remains within Room #1 may be safely ignored.

Description: SCP-XXXX was a standard handgun which underwent significant conceptual augmentation. These modifications were primarily designed to protect its user from unidentified anomalous influences and ensure the death of their target, despite potential memetic, temporal, ontokinetic, and/or pataphysical interference.

SCP-XXXX was used once on March 15, 2020, within the Site-001 Administrative Facility. Upon its recovery, Overwatch Command began the process of retroactively deanomalizing it, resulting in the closure of several internal departments and the mass termination of involved personnel.1 Overwatch Command then self-terminated and were revived by esoteric means.

On March 15, 2021, the non-anomalous remains of SCP-XXXX were disposed of as high-value toxic waste.

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