Catalog Of Deific Entities
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Although the Foundation is generally understood to be a collector of mundane atrocities, a fair amount of its interactions with anomalies involve entities most fittingly described as gods. This could be a God of Abrahamic origin, a powerful reality-bending entity, or a serpent upon whose back rests the knowledge of every universe. Sometimes, containment of these entities is achieved; other times, containment is by definition impossible.

This catalog is designed to be a frequent reference for members of the Foundation Department of Eschatology. Any member of the Department wishing to update it may do so accordingly, so long as a description of changes made is included in the appropriate field.

Collective designations for deities of non-anomalous cultures will be excluded, as it is the general practice of the Department of Eschatology to assume such deities truly existed in one form or another.

Major Deities

Major deities are classified as those having been documented ten or more times by separate archivists and possessing conventionally deific attributes, such as precognition, omnipresence, omnipotence, or invulnerability.1

Lesser Deities

Lesser deities are classified as those not qualifying as Major Deities while possessing conventionally deific attributes, such as precognition, omnipresence, omnipotence, or invulnerability.

Impotent Gods

Impotent gods are classified as those which ostensibly possess deific attributes but are not as powerful as any aforementioned Major or Lesser deity.2

Collective Deities

This slot serves as a blanket entry for all deities which are intimately related to each other, either due to their presence in anomalous mythology or their existence in an alternate timeline.

Foreign Deities

Foreign deities are those documented by an international branch of the Foundation.

A number of pre-existing forum posts were indispensable in the formation of this catalog, sourced below.

If you need any clarifications or have any questions, contact NagirosNagiros over Wikidot.

SCP-682 ( The Eqyptian soul-eating god, The oldest/first life form in the universe, Some sort of interdimentional creature, A demon/fallen god from a different religion)

Mother/Tiamat Dragon of Chaos
Man Who Walks Beneath Dreams
The Raspberry
Saint Alagadda
The Klavigar
The Wondermaker
Ab-Leshal (Able, First Blade of Daeva)
Prince of Many Faces
Alagaddan Ambassadors
Brother Three of Death
Anukeana- the Starved Goddess, featured in SCP-3918
Manna, Mnemosyne, and the Prince in Green were in SCP-4179
Et Dam Deum Pativi
Mither & Teran, the Finnfolk deities
Jinwu (Three-Legged Sun Crow, worshipped by Children of the Torch, previously the Gold Wings)
the Thirty-Six and Abbadon, both from -001 proposals
Amicus (the Hanged, Serene Tribune), SCP-2221
Kokio the Flower Goddess, from SCP-2255
The God of Houses & it's Guardian, SCP-2257
Discordia- SCP-2342, which also posits the Broken God as Aneris or Harmonia
The Ighoghiri of the Nephilim might count (SCP-2518), and so too might the (possible) creators of the Decensus in Ophite's narrative, the Elohim
Gor'dun the Consumer
Lord Graywing - 3982 and 2893
SCP-2788 - Tudigong.
SCP-3807 is Set.
SCP-336 is Lilith.
SCP-3609 is Hati
SCP-4960 is Kedesh-Nanaya.
Saint ████
The Anemoi - SCP-3921

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