CorpseCon Phase 2

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Primary points of criticism:

  • The behavioral phenomenon is not properly explained.
  • Clarify Collins' intent
  • Clarify years past after interrogation
  • Explain Less Than Zero Principle
  • Separate action of Happiness Booklet; clarify who characters represent
  • Rename John and Constantine
  • John follows Constantine??
  • CW

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Example of Catalog N signage displayed in commercial hair salon in Clearwater, Florida.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The containment regimen of SCP-XXXX consists of three parallel initiatives.

INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-1 is the employment of graphic artist Robert Collins, termed POI-XXXX-C, by the Foundation. POI-XXXX-C was apprehended by Foundation operatives from his home in Santa Monica, California on February 4, 1984. By means of coercive persuasion, amnestics, and other incentives, POI-XXXX-C has been successfully recruited to produce, develop, and participate in the curation of Catalog N images. POI-XXXX-C is housed at Site-16 and directs the operations of INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-1 while subject to Foundation supervision. POI-XXXX-C has been granted the ability to command Site-16 personnel as necessary for INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 and INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-3.

INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 constitutes the infiltration of the upper leadership of "INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 Businesses"1 by Foundation covert agents, in order to promote the widespread usage and display of signage containing Catalog N images by INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 Businesses. The Foundation operates a front company, "Signage, Commercials, and Promotions," which offers such signage to INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 Businesses at a nominal price in order to ensure that at least 75% of INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-2 Businesses in each affected geographic territory display Catalog N signage.


Cover of "Happiness" booklet bearing a Catalog N illustration.

INITIATIVE SCP-XXXX-3 comprises the Foundation's development and dissemination, within affected geographic territories, of "Happiness" booklets bearing Catalog N illustrations.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates a transfigurative phenomenon observable within human settlements, with variable effect depending upon the phenotypical gender of the subject. The skeletal structures of male subjects often augment themselves to possess more defined jawlines and more pronounced cheekbones, while female subjects often experience the inverse. In all recorded cases, the melanin content of the subject's epidermis has drastically decreased, imparting a notably pale complexion.

Current research suggests that SCP-XXXX is a byproduct of, or otherwise significantly related to, a distinct behavioral phenomenon which promotes homogenous normalcy. This compulsion is subconscious and manifests in all settlements capable of mass media production; it is therefore practically invisible and detectable only via deep analysis of available sociological studies. It has likewise been determined that the primary candidate for SCP-XXXX presentation are the civilians who retain sufficiently deviant social qualities despite long-term exposure to SCP-XXXX.

Catalog N images, produced by POI-XXXX-C, have been determined to decrease occurrences of SCP-XXXX presentation after long-term exposure. No underlying cognitohazardous mechanics within Catalog N images have been identified, and it remains unknown why they serve as an effective counter-agent to SCP-XXXX's visible properties.

The behavioral phenomenon associated with SCP-XXXX often suppresses or otherwise masks anomalous properties possessed by civilians. As a result, cases of reality-bending, thaumaturgy, psychic phenomena, and other mundane anomalous incidents occurring within civilian populations have dramatically declined in the preceding century. These pseudo-anomalous civilians, in the absence of Catalog N imagery, often become affected by the physiological changes brought on by SCP-XXXX.

Over the course of SCP-XXXX's containment by the Foundation, operations have generally decreased in expense and involvement. At present, its containment regimen is believed to be minimally intensive. For all intents and purposes, SCP-XXXX is contained via its current containment regimen, and global homogenous normalcy is more-or-less maintained.

NOTICE: Addenda Subject to Change

Per the regulations of PROTOCOL BLOODY WATER, firsthand reports, missives, and commentaries pertaining to SCP-XXXX's containment history have been presented in place of official Foundation summaries.

This is done as a result of internal allegations that Foundation leadership have been adversely affected by SCP-XXXX. Verification of and investigation into these allegations are pending.

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