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Scenario Designation: ΔK-Class ("Immolated Masquerade")
Threat Designation: Anomalous Propagation, Reality Restructuring, Conceptual Alteration
Effected Directives: Alpha-1 ("Secure"), Alpha-2 ("Contain"), Alpha-3 ("Protect"), Beta-1 ("Neutralization of Death"), Beta-4 ("Preservation of Contemporary Humanity")
Likelihood: Presumed Certain
Summary: A ΔK-Class scenario constitutes the entrance of a particular essophysical entity into baseline reality, causing the local timeline to undergo a universal and irrevocable conceptual shift. This restructuring event has been observed within 3018 adjacent timelines, although proper entrance into and study of these timelines has been confounded by fluctuating non-Euclidean topography and non-linear temporal perception.
This essophysical entity is presumed to be DRO-00011, whose antimemetic effects have either been suppressed or nullified after its egress from baseline reality in 2010. This entity is, functionally, the essophysical embodiment of all anomalous phenomena.
The relative deviations of ΔK-Class events from the local timeline had decreased from +0.0035ε to −0.063ε since DRO-0001's manifestation, suggesting that the local timeline will experience a ΔK-Class Scenario within ten years or less. Although the nature of a ΔK-Class event is poorly understood, study of effected timelines has suggested that normalcy is conceptually altered on a universal scale to become anomalous; all objects, events, and memetic constructs predominantly perceived as normal by the human population will consequentially become anomalous. Humans themselves are not subject to this effect and do not appear to ever become extinct with a ΔK-Class Scenario. This is presumably because, without an agent to differentiate between anomalous and non-anomalous phenomena, the ΔK-Class scenario would be essentially self-terminating.
Prevention: There currently exist no means to retroactively or preventatively terminate a ΔK-Class event via anomalies capable of temporal manipulation, as space-time appears to be detrimentally augmented during an active scenario. Additionally, the event's instantaneous nature precludes the neutralization of DRO-0001, containment of its effects, or the protection of contemporary humanity. Hypothesized tactics of prevention therefore necessitate the termination of the agent by which anomalous phenomena are defined and isolated — that being humanity itself.
The following procedures are presently in effect:

  1. Continual monitoring of adjacent and concurrent timelines to determine the relative dimensional position and velocity of DRO-0001.
  2. Preservation of human specimens within isolated pocket dimensions and alternate extra-spatial locations under Operation Aeolis.
  3. Preparation to abandon the containment of SCP-42602 immediately preceding DRO-0001's entrance into the local timeline.3

The removal of SCP-4260's containment procedures will initiate a χK-Class ("Crowning-of-Death") Scenario and necessitates the extinction of all living organisms within the local timeline. This will additionally render the universe inhospitable to life for an estimated nine billion years until SCP-4260's self-neutralizing effects allow for the formation of simple organic constructs. This is considered an acceptable sacrifice to prevent humanity's forced immortality within a ΔK-Class scenario.

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