Primordial God
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4/4260-EX LEVEL 4/4260-EX



Item #: SCP-4260-EX

Object Class: Explained

Archival Department Notice Regarding the Following Document:
Prior to its reclassification as Explained, SCP-4260-EX had been assigned the esoteric Cernnunos1 object classification. A full overhaul of SCP-4260-EX's documentation to rectify the errors throughout has not yet occurred.


AL-509 at time of discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: The nature of SCP-4260-EX as an imminent threat to normalcy and the continuation of life on Earth has warranted the reassignment of Foundation Subdirective Beta-02 to its immediate containment and neutralization. Every effort must be made to discover the location of SCP-4260-EX's entry point into baseline reality and renew SCP-4260-EX's containment procedures. Failure to accomplish this will initiate an irrevocable and undefined K-Class Scenario, the ambiguity of which precludes strict containment procedures.

Provisional Containment Update: Excavation of AL-509 and renewal of the Stonewall-Class thaumic construct within has been relegated to Area-4260 and is expected to drain significant monetary resources. Maintenance of the SCP-4260-EX file by SCPF Archival Department employees has been temporarily suspended.
tknight, SCPF Archival Department


Depiction of SCP-4260-EX in its uncontained state. Calligraphic marks are believed to be attempts at rudimentary expungement. The identity of the second entity is unknown.

Description: SCP-4260-EX designates an extradimensional Alpha-Order eschatological entity whose existence has been corroborated by various historical documents created in the Pre-Colonial Era Philippines. A defunct and previously undocumented predecessor to the Foundation, FP2-5048 ("The Collaboration of City-States for the Containment of Demonic Phenomena")3, kept extensive records of SCP-4260-EX's activities while designating it either "The Primordial God" or "Idrasil-Kemin". SCP-4260-EX remained only partially contained for the majority of the Philippine Prehistorical Era4 until The Collaboration of City-States developed a method of permanent containment.

AL-509 designates the anomalous location in which SCP-4260-EX is contained via occult and ritualistic methods. Although AL-509 is ostensibly a mundane worship-site, the facility was used as a storage location for all documentation of anomalous phenomena encountered by The Collaboration of City-States. Recovered documentation suggests that there exists a subterranean level of the facility containing a thaumic Stonewall-Class construct which prevents SCP-4260-EX from entering baseline reality. This construct will require a ritual to renew its efficacy prior to January 1, 2020.

Although the threat presented by SCP-4260-EX is unilaterally documented as catastrophic, research of the relevant documents within AL-509 has been confounded by consistent cross-references to documentation which has been severely damaged or is currently lost. SCP-4260-EX's origin, nature, and effect on reality were extensively documented by The Collaboration of City-States, but the majority of it remains unavailable to the Foundation. Additionally, extant documentation is heavily reliant upon knowledge of occult groups and entities familiar only to The Collaboration of City-States. As such, effective secondary containment procedures cannot be produced at this time.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Recovered SCP-4260-EX Documentation

Provisional Addenda Notice: As a result of the suspension of maintenance on the SCP-4260-EX file, additional documentation recovered from AL-509 has been stored externally. These documents include testimonies of firsthand witnesses of SCP-4260-EX, scientific analysis of its effects and properties, and internal government notices recognizing SCP-4260-EX as both extant and an active threat to humanity in a manner inconsistent with mundane cultural deities.
The following file has been translated into English and preserved to demonstrate this.
tknight, SCPF Archival Department

Addendum.XXXX.2: Additional Documentation

Proper entrance into the area containing SCP-4260-EX was postponed until the materials required to renew the Stonewall-class thaumic construct within were acquired, due to concerns that a botched entrance could prematurely release SCP-4260-EX. Preliminary negotiations with the Serpent's Hand were established, with information regarding SCP-4260-EX and its containment promised in exchange for the release of several low-value anomalous items.

After SCP-4260-EX was initially described to members of the Serpent's Hand, negotiations were abruptly terminated. The following document was delivered to containment facility Site-76 two days afterwards and has been translated into English. The original text is believed to have been written circa 1100 CE.


Archival Update: Fixed the -EX suffix for you guys. I know I'm not getting paid for this, but it was bugging me.
On a side note, does anyone have access to the AL-509 database? It seems like it'd be fun to read in my free time.
nreems, SCPF Department of Extratemporal Studies

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