Breakdown 1

This document, Iteration.β.XXXX of the SCP-XXXX file, has been prepared for Foundation personnel possessing Clearance Level 5/XXXX and is design to be read in conjunction with Iteration.α.XXXX. Per standard RAISA procedure, information withheld from Iteration.α.XXXX has been marked in blue.

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


A path adjacent to SCP-XXXX. For a thermographic rendering of SCP-XXXX, see below.

Special Containment Procedures: The Overseer Council (being advised by the Ethics Committee, the Classification Committee, the Department of Extratemporal Studies, and liaisons for the Global Occult Coalition) have declared the following inaccurate statements to be accurate and true for the purposes of SCP-XXXX's containment: that SCP-XXXX exists, that it may be effectively contained, and that Event.AU-XXXX can be prevented or significantly delayed by SCP-XXXX's current containment procedures. Because these statements necessitate the containment of a non-existent anomaly, they are to be regularly referenced by personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is to be perpetually monitored by Juggernaut.aic, which is ideally outfitted to resist the effects of low-Hume environments and equipped with thermographic software. Every twenty-four hours1, the hypothetical interior of SCP-XXXX as depicted by Juggernaut.aic is to be examined to determined if SCP-XXXX-Minor has begun to actualize. Juggernaut.aic has been stored within Area-XXXX, which will act as the staging area for containment in this scenario.

The secondary purpose of Juggernaut.aic is to analyze the patterns of existential flux within SCP-XXXX. Because it is assumed that this fluctuation is the result of SCP-XXXX-Minor performing a musical composition on SCP-XXXX-Major, Juggernaut.aic will interpret the observed flow of reality as sound waves and map its input data as sheet music. This sheet music, in conjunction with Kant counter readings of SCP-XXXX's Hume field level, will serve as indicators of the rate at which SCP-XXXX is approaching η = 1.0. The extent to which SCP-XXXX-Minor has mastered the composition will serve as a measurement thereof.

If SCP-XXXX is to suffer absolute containment failure and complete Event.AU-XXXX, SCP-XXXX-Minor is to be reclassified as a distinct anomalous object and declared a Tier-III pluripotent anomaly. At this time, contact with extant Global Occult Coalition liaisons will be established for the purpose of decommissioning SCP-XXXX. Although this action is a direct and overt violation of the Erikesh Accords, the threat presented by Event.AU-XXXX justifies its execution. SCP-XXXX must be destroyed.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates a theoretical location in Scotland which possesses a Hume field value of η = 0.3, resulting in its near-total non-existence. The area is assumed to have once been a deciduous forest, although it is possible that SCP-XXXX has always existed within the surrounding environment and never discovered. Expeditions into SCP-XXXX by unmanned drones has resulted in summary equipment loss, due to the retroactive non-existence of the equipment used.

SCP-XXXX also violates Kejel's Laws of Reality Parameters, outlined below:

  • Kejel's Law of Stagnancy: Reality within SCP-XXXX's perimeter constantly shifts, suggesting existential flux maintaining a net Hume field value of η = 0.3. This discordancy frustrates the usage of Scranton Reality Anchor technology and separates matter at a subatomic level. The only objects protected from this existential flux are SCP-XXXX-Minor and SCP-XXXX-Major.
  • Kejel's Law of Diffusion: Despite the surrounding environment retaining a baseline Hume field value of η = 1.0, the anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX have not visibly diffused beyond its perimeter.
  • Kejel's Law of Annihilation: The Hume field value of SCP-XXXX has not decreased in accordance with the observed universal rate of entropic decay. Rather, they have demonstrably increased as a result of SCP-XXXX-Major's effects. It is assumed that, without current containment procedures, its Hume field value would eventually become equal to 1.0, constituting Event.AU-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-Major designates a ukulele within SCP-XXXX which possesses a Hume field value of η = 442. Although SCP-XXXX's theoretical nature precludes direct observation, thermographic output from Juggernaut.aic suggests that operation of SCP-XXXX-Major as a musical instrument is correlated to the flow of reality within SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-Minor designates the humanoid in possession of SCP-XXXX-Major. Although the identity of SCP-XXXX-Minor is uncertain, they are assumed to be connected in some capacity to the late Alto Clef2.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Erikesh Accords of XXXX (Excerpted)

Addendum.XXXX.2: Interview Log

The following interview occurred on 2010/04/26 and aimed to determine the nature of SCP-XXXX-Minor. The interviewer is identified as Senior Researcher Anthony Roswell and the interviewee as Ms. Y.

<Begin Log>

Roswell: Ma'am?

Ms. Y: Can they hear my voice? I don't want to be recorded.

Roswell: We are recording right now, yes, but we'll only keep the transcript. You can review it afterwards and determine if you want anything to be redacted. Is that alright?

Ms. Y: Yes. I suppose so. Why did you need to talk to me? Have you found a cure?

Roswell: No, unfortunately. I'm sorry. I came here because we need to talk about Clef.

A hacking noise is heard and something wet lands on the floor.

Ms. Y: That bastard? His light's been out for ██████. Did they ever find him?

Roswell: I couldn't tell you if I knew, ma'am. I'm just here to ask the questions.

Indistinct muttering.

Roswell: Can you repeat that?

Ms. Y: I said "That's how you all are nowadays." Ask me those questions.

Roswell: Can you describe your relationship with Dr. Alto Clef?

Ms. Y: Professional. He and I worked on several projects together, and I knew enough about him to leave him be whenever I could.

Roswell: Did he ever mention having any family or close friends not employed by the Foundation?

Ms. Y: No, I don't believe he did. By the end of it, he practically lived at work. We all did. We all…

Roswell: Ma'am?

Ms. Y: Continue.

Roswell: Did he ever communicate with any unknown persons or anomalies? Any suspicious individuals at all?

Ms. Y: It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a few backrooms deals with his old GOC friends. The man had secrets, and I wouldn't try to pry into them if I were you.

Roswell: To confirm, you can provide no close contacts of his that were not employed by the Foundation?

Ms. Y: No. Leave —

A hacking sound, louder than before, interrupts the interview. Coughing continues afterwards for several seconds.

Ms. Y: Shit.

Roswell: Oh god… hold on, I can call for medical assistance. Just…

Ms. Y: No, don't. Just… just don't.

Roswell: Do you want me to end the interview? We can send a request to remove this part in the official —

Ms. Y: STOP.

Silence for five seconds.

Ms. Y: This… this is what Clef did to people. This is his legacy. The man hated, Anthony. He hated himself, and he hated anyone who showed him kindness because that meant they were weak. He has a god trapped in human flesh, and everything around him was immolated in righteous flame.

Ms. Y: (Sobbing) Our Foundation… everything we built… he destroyed it all. It's his fault the Accords were drafted, his fault I'm like this…

Roswell: How did Clef do that?

Ms. Y: I can tell you've got a future in the Foundation. You'll learn what he did eventually. But me… I was one of the few that wanted to continue after his death. I adapted to the rules, the order, everything, but it didn't stop the infection. I can't remember the number, probably something from the 1000s block. In the old days, I could have convinced them to give me some of five-hundred, but now… they're leaving me to rot.

Roswell: There's no cure?

Ms. Y: Nothing they'll give me. You know, you work your way to Site Director, and you still feel so shut out… stay strong, Anthony. I don't know you, but I hope you find more peace than Clef ever did.

Roswell: Do you think Clef is dead, ma'am? There's been some debate recently, and…

Ms. Y: When he was alive, the man was nothing but hatred. That was his only friend: the abyss he saw in his own soul. The way I see it, the Clef I knew painted his brain matter on his office walls. He's not coming back.

Roswell: Well, I'm sorry to bother you, ma'am. Do you have anything else to add?

Ms. Y: No, I… well, yes. He did have one redeeming quality. He was a damn good musician, even if he did annoy us all to hell with his music. He always played this one piece, and when I first heard it, I thought I saw a light in his eyes that wasn't there before.

<End Log>

Addendum.XXXX.3: Escalation

On 2015/08/30, Juggernaut.aic determined the musical composition performed by SCP-XXXX-Major had been nearly completed. This coincided with SCP-XXXX's Hume field value increasing from η = .3 to η = .5 over a twenty-four hour period. Area-XXXX determined that Event.AU-XXXX had begun, and activated the Scranton Reality Anchor nexus surrounding SCP-XXXX. Although this decreased the observed rate of actualization, it could not prevent SCP-XXXX's net Hume field value from increasing.

Collaboration with the Global Occult Coalition to destroy SCP-XXXX is underway.

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