Ethics Committee Post-Mortem Collection Regarding Recent Events At Site-17
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Note to critters: This is a very important piece in the Site-17 Canon and incorporates many SCPs and tales used within it. The intent here is to strongly encourage readers to check out those other stories, but it should be comprehensible without prior knowledge.


Security Clearance Level EC-5 is required to view this document.

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AMEC Database

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Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Special Containment Procedures: DRO-XXXX has been isolated within a secure data-storage terminal at Ethics Committee Headquarters Site-003. A security detail of MTF Omega-1 ("Law's Left Hand") has been assigned to prevent unauthorized access to DRO-XXXX, especially by personnel currently stationed at Site-17.

Until such a time as DRO-XXXX's contents are properly transcribed, a partial transcription will be stored within the AMEC Database for viewing by the Ethics Committee, due to the additional security necessarily afforded to AMEC items.

Description: DRO-XXXX is a data file, named "", located within the Ethics Committee's internal archive array. A classical antimeme affects the files compressed within DRO-XXXX, causing individuals who view its content to forget them after the viewing period has terminated. The exact origin of the antimeme within DRO-XXXX is unknown, frustrating attempts to transcribe the entirety of its contents β€” which are not subject to the antimeme upon transcription. Usage of mnestic therapy and targeted memetic inoculation have been partially successful in this venture.

The compressed files within DRO-XXXX are presumed to have been written by Ethics Committee Liaison Trevor Avella prior to his disappearance/death. After a distress call from an anonymous source was received from within Site-17 on March 22, 2020, Liaison Avella had been dispatched to the facility to conduct an external audit.

Efforts to negotiate the Site-17 Affair are ongoing.


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