It's What Xe Would Have Wanted

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the current inability of the Foundation to predict SCP-XXXX events, embedded Foundation agents are to monitor all local police reports of grave robbery and, if possible, surveil likely civilian candidates of an SCP-XXXX event. If knowledge of the SCP-XXXX event is disseminated beyond the set of candidates, efforts to disrupt it are to be deterred by assigned field agents.

By Ethics Committee fiat, the standard civilian amnestization protocol has been waived.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates the spontaneous disappearance of certain human corpses from burial sites, followed by an additional clandestine funeral service. Recovered data does not suggest that these corpses were physically removed from their gravesites; rather, that they were in some way spatially and instantaneously displaced. Posthumous investigation into affected subjects has not yielded any statistically significant connections — although the percentage of homosexual and transgender subjects is subjectively greater than expected.1

These disappearances will occur twenty-four hours after the subject has been buried, entombed, or otherwise laid to rest. Simultaneously, some number of individuals who were familiar with the deceased will receive a communication2 summoning them to a second funeral service to occur within one week. Despite any social, geographic, or financial barriers which may be expected to preclude their attendance, all identified guests have been capable of such due to occurrences of low probability — e.g. school/work closure, cancellations from inclimate weather, and/or receipt of plane tickets or currency from unknown sources.

The settings, times, and natures of these services vary widely, and attending guests have been reluctant to provide testimony. Of the five identified SCP-XXXX cases, only one has produced a formal interview.3 After the deceased subject has been laid to rest, the corpse will return to its original burial site.

Addendum.XXXX.1: SCP-XXXX Events

Subject Original Burial Invited SCP-XXXX Guests Secondary Burial
Elizabeth Tomlin, Age 21 (11:00 AM) Buried in North Methodist Congregation Churchyard, NH. 6 (11:45 PM) New Hemlock Forest, NH; guests conversed and consumed alcohol in honor of the subject until daybreak.
Aki Bartholomew, Age 16 (3:00 PM) Cremated in Carson City, NV; guests primarily consisted of American friends to the Bartholomew family. 3 (2:00 PM) Buried on Mount Kita, Japan — all guests were suspected Class-II reality-benders who evaded Foundation capture. GOI affiliation is suspected but not confirmed.
Chad Yancy, Age 26 (5:45 PM) Cannibalized by the Neo-Sarkic sect to which he belonged. 1 (1:00 AM) The service occurred beneath an abandoned industrial production plant in London. The guest, who has yet to be identified, attempted to immolate the premises; several gears and machine components were noted to be missing.
Thomas Hailthorn, Age 34 (7:00) Killed in an altercation between Foundation containment forces and Chaos Insurgency operatives. Unknown The circumstances of his death necessitated an unattended funeral. After the corpse demanifested, all attempts to determine the identities of guests and the location of the SCP-XXXX event met with failure. Outside interference is suspected but not confirmed.

Addendum.XXXX.2: Interview Log

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