Mama, We All Go To Hell
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


The mountain range adjacent to SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-XXXX has been restricted from civilian access under General-Use "Non-Hazardous Location" Procedures β-3. This consists of a chain-link fence constructed at the perimeter and regular rotations of armed security personnel. Any unauthorized persons found within the containment perimeter must be amnesticized.1

Testing regarding the interior of SCP-XXXX and its origin are ongoing. As of 12/09/2021, authority over this experimentation has been transferred from O5-3 to Provisional Site-XXXX-A.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an area of land which has undergone undetermined anomalous augmentation. The region is roughly spherical2 and was used historically for personal tombs.

Individuals who enter SCP-XXXX appear to demanifest or otherwise dematerialize until they egress. Although subjects recall spending a length of time within SCP-XXXX, memories of the events which transpired are often absent. This antimemetic effect is presumed to be the result of causal and existential flux within SCP-XXXX's perimeter, as opposed to memories being retroactively altered or rendered incapable of forming. It is believed a marginal amount of the events occurring within SCP-XXXX are comprehensible — similarly, that subjects themselves become incomprehensible upon entry.

The exact origin of SCP-XXXX and its effects are unknown, as it was discovered and contained in situ by an unknown Foundation-predecessor. Any documentation pertaining to SCP-XXXX prior to its containment by the Foundation proper has not been recovered.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Experiment Log

The following are the retained memories of D-2760 when introduced into SCP-XXXX. During each experiment, D-2760 was given a specific prompt by Provisional Site-XXXX-A to aid research efforts. Note that the descriptions of experiences within the perimeter of SCP-XXXX have been generally insubstantial as a result the location's anomalous attributes.

Prompt Recollection
Describe SCP-XXXX. [Unclear.]
Describe the interior of SCP-XXXX. A damp stone is present within a crevasse, or is otherwise covered in shadow.
Search for depressions/entrances in a mountain range. A set of unfolded linens lay on sandy ground, soaked in water. They appear moderately damaged by age but are still recognizable as garments.
Travel further into the depression/entrance. There is a central chamber or open space in the rock. There is a hole in the floor containing something incomprehensible.
Investigate the hole. The hole is approximately six feet in depth, the visible soil stained red. Details of a conversation, if it occurred, are not recalled.
Excavate the area surrounding the hole. A set of chains, buried within the earth, are recalled. D-2760 returned with significant burn scars on xer hands.
Converse with the thing in the hole. D-2760 requested experimentation be halted, but was unable to explain why.
Converse with the thing in the hole. D-2760 did not egress from SCP-XXXX. A retroactive audit by Provisional Site-XXXX-A determined that the "D-2760" had never been assigned to anyone under Foundation employ.

Addendum.XXXX.2: Additional Experiments

Foreword: After the cessation of direct testing with SCP-XXXX, certain esoteric specialists were contacted. Rabbi Elazar Noach, noted psychic and person of interest within Israeli paranatural communities, was contracted by Provisional Site-XXXX-A to further assess SCP-XXXX.

[Begin Log]

Rabbi Noach: Incredible: I had been in this facility for less than an hour, and I already regret the bargain I've struck with your organization.

SiteCommand: If you'd like, we can perform a routine amnestization and transport you back to your community.

Rabbi Noach: No. I'm a man of my word, an idea your organization seemingly cannot grasp. Now, give me peace so I can do your dirty work.

Rabbi Noach prepares himself, tracing unidentified runes on his palms. After a moment, he shifts, seemingly discomforted.

Rabbi Noach: This is old ground. History has touched this place. I can feel your people — your youth, your indecision, your eagerness for control — but I cannot feel what you are looking for.

SiteCommand: Are you suggesting we should cancel —

Rabbi Noach: No. Leave me be.

Rabbi Noach becomes progressively more agitated, and eventually stands.

Rabbi Noach: Is there another party involved in this deal?

[End Log]
Prompt Recollection
Describe the cave. Cave is confirmed to be a burial site, but was forcibly entered by an unknown force or entity at some point in the past.
Describe the man. The man was the subject of a voluntary human sacrifice which would have a global eschatological effect.
Describe the damage to the burial site. The sacrifice was interrupted.
Describe SCP-XXXX. Something is wrong.
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