Nagiros' Proposal

There was the emptiness of space, and then there was the klaxon blare. The SCPS Peregrine-CLCI shook and hissed uncontrollably; the last human-adjacent thing this side of pataphysics was about to die.


The Administrator's Right Hand Man opened xyr eyes to flashing red lights and morning grog. With practiced inactivity, xe swiped the marker off xyr nightstand, uncapped it, twirled it a bit between xyr fingers to feel alive again, and scrapped its felt surface along the metal wall next to xyr head.

Xe brought the marker to rest on the nightstand and waited. The paralysis had not left xyr bones. There was something in the old animal instinct, the old fear-reaction to emergency sirens and rogue AIs that xe desired to cultivate. It began in xyr heart, spiraling outward to xyr toe-tips and metallic skull.

The Administrator's Right Hand Man sighed in terrorized ecstasy and quaked in xyr bed. Xe could still feel something, and that made xem near-human.


Enough games. Xe twisted xemself out of bed, walking briskly to the command center of the SCPS Peregrine-CLCI. And the routine began anew.

A blast-door slammed down in front of xem, obstructing xyr path. The Right Hand Man punched through the metal and walked out the other side.

Several turrets emerged from the walls of the kill-corridor. The Right Hand Man sweated off bullets as though xe had been struck by a water-gun.

A variable abstract-metaphysical construct pointer was deployed in the adjacent hallway. The Right Hand Man killed the inside.

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