New Containment

Notice from the Committee for New Containment

SCP-XXXX was classified as Keter by the SCP Foundation until the activation of the New Containment Protocol. The iteration of the SCP-XXXX file created by the SCP Foundation has been archived alongside all other Old Containment documentation.
— CfNC Administrator "HMCL"

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Humanoid

Threat Level: Green

Containment Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures:1 SCP-XXXX has been stored within humanoid deep-storage at Site-10859. Its vulnerability to the #A-598 sedative has rendered negligible any threat it once presented, and it is never expected to pose a significant containment risk. The somnial chamber in which is resides has been equipped with a Kejél Hume Aggravator, although its usage is not anticipated.

For access to a live feed of SCP-XXXX's somnial chamber and complete logs of all security footage since its New Containment, request access from an HMCL supervisor.

Description:2 SCP-XXXX designates a humanoid possessing several anomalous capabilities, all of which were imparted by SCP-506923 five years before the New Containment Protocol was activated.

As with other members of the defunct Group of Interest Omega-6799 ("The Clocktower Fellowship"), its capabilities generally extend to manipulation of the chronosphere and related temporal phenomena, most notably conscious temporal displacement and excision — i.e. the ability to appear freely within a location at any point in time and to erase all events occurring within a desired timeframe. It has also demonstrated biological immortality and nigh-invulnerability to physical damage.

Prior to New Containment, it was tentatively contained by The Foundation via a complex system of psychological manipulation and gaslighting, which frequently resulted in high-cost containment failure and recontainment efforts. However, after the decommissioning of Old Containment, the Kejél Hume Aggravator was swiftly developed and deployed, functionally de-anomalizing SCP-XXXX for a brief period. SCP-XXXX was then sedated and moved permanently to humanoid deep-storage.


All personnel assigned to the monitoring of anomalous objects related to or derived from SCP-50692 or GOI Omega-6799 are required to view the following data file.

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