Operation Longinus Dossier

Excerpt from Human Envy, a behavioral study of predeterministic anomalies by Dr. Naomi Ross, Site-42

Abstract: Following the loss of Unexplained Location UE-831608, a cross-disciplinary survey was conducted to evaluate the effects of prolonged adeterminism1 on human-adjacent anomalous objects. It was the hope of attending administrative powers that the results of this study could inform the Foundation's stance on adeterminism in general.

During the initial candidacy phase, Site-42 prioritized objects with identifiable motivations, beliefs, and desires which the objects were unable to change of their own accord. Statistically this produced a slight bias towards devotees of a patron deity in the Persons of Interest pool, but the results nonetheless demonstrate the benefits of adeterminism within identified anomalous objects.

Excerpt from scp-4494.sci

Item #: SCP-4494

Anomaly Class: Archon

Description: SCP-4494 is the physical embodiment of the concept of fighting crime. SCP-4494 typically manifests at night during law enforcement actions in which the relevant criminal element has an advantage, in order to render aid. It appears as a humanoid male of indeterminate age, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and long coat, and calls itself The Specter.

When referred to in text, the reference will always appear in a stylistic and dramatic font, and speakers invariably use a dramatic whisper when referring to SCP-4494 verbally.

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