Cross And Roundabout Comes The Doctor
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Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-082 and SCP-087

Item Summaries:


A large, humanoid entity which refers to itself as Ferdinand and possesses inhuman strength, which it uses to terminate individuals for the purpose of cannibalism.


An infinitely-descending staircase inhabited by several unidentified Type-I Humanoid Apparitions.

Test Results: The cadaver of SCP-082 was pushed down the stairwell from the entrance of SCP-087. Gravity allowed the corpse to descend the staircase and it came to rest on the first semicircle platform. This platform was determined to be the point at which SCP-087 terminates.

Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-012 and SCP-076-2

Item Summaries:


An unfinished musical score which compels viewers to exsanguinate themselves to complete the composition with their blood.


A humanoid entity which is able to manifest various bladed weapons for the purpose of combat.

Test Results: SCP-076-2 was introduced into a testing chamber with SCP-012. SCP-076-2 looked to a mounted surveillance device before manifesting a blade and committing an act of self-mutilation, piercing several vital organs and expiring of blood loss soon after. Notably, this did not appear to be an effort to complete SCP-012, although his body did fall on it, causing moderate damage to the paper from the resulting blood stains.

Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-035 and SCP-914

Item Summaries:


A porcelain comedy mask which, when worn, possesses the host.


A large clockwork device capable of modifying any item placed inside its input slot.

Test Results: SCP-035 was placed inside SCP-914's input slot, and SCP-914's dial was turned to "Very Fine". SCP-035 became caught in the clockwork inside SCP-914 and was severely damaged after being crushed between its gears. SCP-035 is presumed to have been completely shattered at this time, and retrieval is considered impossible.

Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-166 and SCP-2662

Item Summaries:


A young, human female who inspires intense physical attraction when she comes into visual contact with males.


A young, humanoid male with several cephalopod limbs attached to its back. SCP-2662 is cognitohazardous and inspires cult activity to form around him, which generally attempt to perform violent and ritualistic activity on themselves and him.

Test Results: SCP-166 was introduced into SCP-2662's containment unit. Both were seen to embrace each other and weep. Audio sensors detected the following.

SCP-166: It's alright, it's alright. We're fine now. We're fine! We don't need to worry about anything ever again. They can let us out now, and maybe we can even have normal lives. Doesn't that sound great?
SCP-2662: It does, it really does. It's just… I think I'm always going to be thinking a cultist will be hiding in my closet, you know?
SCP-166 laughs and hugs SCP-2662 closer.
SCP-166: I can imagine.

Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-239 and SCP-343

Item Summaries:


A young girl possessing formidable ontokinetic abilities, contained under the pretense that she is a witch and her reality-bending is limited to certain spells.


An elderly man who claims to be the Abrahamic Yahweh, possessing remarkable reality-bending abilities; practically considered omnipotent.

Test Results: SCP-239 introduced into SCP-343's containment chamber. Transcript included below.

Dr. Reems: SCP-239, do you see the man in front of you?
SCP-239: Yes. He… he looks dead.
Dr. Reems: He is. Can you revive him, please?
SCP-239: Is this the man that called himself God? I saw him in my cell once. Reviving him seems kind of macabre.
Dr. Reems: Can you do it?
SCP-239: No.
Dr. Reems: Can you explain why?
SCP-239: You know why, doctor. Is this some game to you? Are you throwing us together to hope the two of us will light a spark that will bring us all back? You've kept me here for years because you thought I was special. Now I'm not, and I wonder what you'll do with me.

Head Researcher: Senior Researcher Natalie Reems

Applied Items: SCP-682 and SCP-2845

Item Summaries:


A reptilian creature possessing remarkable strength, speed, and reflexes. It appears nearly impossible to terminate, despite the Foundation's best efforts.


A large, cervine entity with extreme reality-bending abilities, capable of instantaneous transmutation and reconstruction of matter. SCP-2845 has been known to transform humans into fleshy columns.

Test Results: The carcass of SCP-2845 is introduced into the containment chamber of SCP-682. Video transcription included below.

<11:09p>: SCP-2845 introduced.
<11:10p>: Skeletal structure of SCP-682 manifests within containment chamber, demanifests almost immediately after.
<11:11p>: Outer scales of SCP-682 manifest, attempts to injure itself with its claws before demanifestation.
<11:12p>: Muscular structure of SCP-682 manifests, and screams.

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