Secure Facility Dossier: Site-17

This is a canon about power.

These can be read in isolation, but in concert, they tell a unified story of secrecy, hate, and the Foundation.

These are interactions between gods and people, both of whom wear lab coats on occasion.

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This is series of tales and SCPs which are written to be enjoyable in isolation, but are constructing a complex narrative beneath the surface about power structures, secrecy, and the faults of the Foundation.


SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Official Designation: SCP Foundation General Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: TU3K-Site-17

General Information




Size: Total Land Area of km2

Restricted Sections


Sector A: Located under

  • Wing:

Sector B: Located under

  • Wing:

Sector C:

  • Wing:

Staffing Information

Site Director: Dr.

Personnel Director: Dr.

Facilities Director: Dr.

Director of Research: Dr.

Security Chief: Dr.

Director of Containment: Dr.

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads:
  • Medical Staff:
  • Staff Researchers:
  • Administrative Personnel:
  • Maintenance Personnel:
  • Security Personnel:
  • D-Class Personnel:

Additional Information

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Site-11

ID Number Object Class

Log of Anomalies Once Stationed At Site-11

Item #: SCP-
Object Class: Keter
Reason For Temporary Containment:
Date of Containment:
Duration of Stay:

Notable Incidents Log

Incident #:
Description of Events:
Duration of Incident:
Additional Notes:

E-Class Staffing Information

While many individuals bring a variety of their own skills and talents to the Foundation, others afflicted by various anomalous phenomena bring far more than the average Foundation agent or researcher. Site-98 is particularly well-known for its Class E personnel.

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