Secure Facility Dossier: Site-76

Problem: The number of anomalies contained by the Foundation is currently increasing.

Solution: Create additional clandestine facilities to respond to anomalous phenomena as they are discovered, often within major population centers.

Problem: Increased numbers of covert facilities correlate with increased numbers of localized Lifted Veil Scenarios as breached anomalies enter population centers.

Solution: Authorize mass amnestic use and production, despite ethical concerns regarding both.

Problem: Increased expenditure on facility maintenance and amnestic production divert funds from active containment efforts.

Solution: Cut corners. Make deals. Do whatever it takes to fulfill the Containment Directive.

Problem: The number of contained anomalies is still increasing.

Solution: Pending.

Problem: A Lifted Veil Scenario of unmanageable severity seems to be imminent.

Solution: Pending.

Problem: The ouroboros has eaten its tail.

Solution: Pending. Find a way out.


SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Official Designation: SCP Foundation Essophysical & Conceptual Research and Development Facility

Site Identification Code: CABI-Site-76

General Information


Primary entrance to Site-76.


1992 (Fully renovated 2006)


Wilderness, Baffin Island, Canada


Alpha Priorities

  • Research and Development
  • Staging Area for Conceptual Operations

Beta Priorities

  • Administrative
  • Task Force Deployment
  • Targeted Extradimensional Monitoring Outpost


6.5 km21, 56 kS32

Staffing Information

Site Director: Dr. Harlow Genevieve

Assistant Director: Dr. Preston Bracks

Director of Research: Dr. Beretta Strayer

Director of Containment: Tempest.aic3

On-Site Personnel:

  • Administrative Personnel: 6
  • Department Heads: 10
  • Staff Researchers: 50
  • Maintenance Personnel: 48
  • Task Force Operatives: 35
  • Other Positions:4 100

Facility Sectors

Sector A: Research & Provisional Containment Facilities


Top-down diagram of Sector A.

Unlike most secure Foundation sites and areas, Site-76 is not outfitted to permanently contain the anomalies under its purview. Wing Alpha5 is equipped with five active Strayer Density Matrices in the event that an emergency containment is required, but the majority of Sector A is dedicated to the construction of Strayer-derived technologies for the benefit of other Foundation containment sites.

Site-76's primary export is the Strayer Density Matrix (SDM), a general-use containment apparatus which binds an essophysical anomaly within a set geographical location6. These devices artificially increase density within their area of effect, preventing contained entities from dispersing into a Tier-III conceptual state. SDMs may be used together in a circuit to exponentially increase their efficacy and area of effect — oftentimes necessary, depending on the strength of the contained anomaly.

The third primary output of Site-76 is the TransLocative Conceptual Emitter (TLCE). For more information on TLCEs, see Sector D.

Sector B: Task Force Armory/Deployment

In order to maintain effective containment standards, Site-76 oversees several task forces which work in concert with one another. These task forces are equipped to respond to uncontained essophysical threats with utmost precision. Many members are vetted from established task forces as a result of their notable accomplishments — excepting RTF Iota-39, which is composed of in-house researchers.

MTF Gamma-8 ("Baphomites")

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Gamma-8 is composed of numerous technicians proficient in the operation of Stayer Density Matrices, assigned in at-risk containment zones to reduce the probability of mechanical failure. They specialize in developing and using esoteric technologies, often in conjunction with other task forces and internal departments.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Action Reports:

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  • [[[]]]
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  • [[[]]]
  • [[[]]]

Sector C: Administrative Offices


Entrance to Sector C; note deliberately-manufactured spatial distortions.

Sector D: CABI-Site-76 (Tier-I)

Anomalies Under the Remote Purview of Site-76

ID Number Object Class Description
SCP-4260 Euclid Large-scale anomaly embodying universal decay, senescence.
CRAB Euclid Embodiment of crab life, currently Beta Cancri.
Another Gun SCP Decommissioned The concept of a firearm.
MTF T-5 Irantu Enochian Rogue iteration of Samsara's Team Leader from the future.
SCP-5997 Thaumiel
DRO-████ Ignosi [DATA EXCISED] (See: Operation RED HORIZON)

Clandestine Operations Utilizing Site-76

Projected Completion Date:
Involved Anomalies:
Date of Containment:
Duration of Stay:

Problem: The universe is fundamentally at odds with the directives of the Foundation.

Solution: Make a better universe.

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