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Type Class Meaning
Object Class Netzach-alterius Item is an alien, life-sustaining planet which looks like Earth.
Secondary Object Spiritual Item is incorporeal; classification used exclusively by SCPF-LZPP87.
Type Class Meaning
Object Class Cernunnos-reliquia Item is an artificact which can be functionally contained, but the Foundation cannot achieve this for logistical reasons.
Subclass Truculent Item is unpredictable and containment must be adapted to an ever-changing set of circumstances.
Disruption Class Gevurah Item endangers the inner structure of the Foundation and limits the ability of the Foundation to carry out its secondary objectives.
Risk Class Notice/Critical Effects are not dangerous, but are likely to occur instantaneously and irrevocably.
Threat Level Octarine1 Item is beneficial to the Foundation and largely unregulated due to its poorly-understood properties (with connotations of magic).
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