Period Amount Authors
Late 2008 1 all
Early 2009 1 all
Late 2009 0 N/A
Early 2010 0 N/A
Late 2010 0 N/A
Early 2011 1 all
Late 2011 5 all
Early 2012 2 all
Late 2012 3 all
Early 2013 9 all
Late 2013 3 all
Early 2014 0 N/A
Late 2014 0 N/A
Early 2015 0 N/A
Late 2015 0 N/A
Early 2016 0 N/A
Late 2016 2 none
Early 2017 0 N/A
Late 2017 0 N/A
Early 2018 0 N/A
Late 2018 0 N/A
Early 2019 0 N/A
Late 2019 2 none
Early 2020 7 none

Graphical representation of articles with Latin-suffix object classes posted semi-annually (not accounting for July 2020). The highest in one period was 9 in early 2013.

Of the 36 represented articles, 69% (𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖) were written by Communism Will Win. The magenta point represents CWW's ban date (Sep 13, 2018); the red point represents the posting date of the Esoteric Classes List (May 11, 2019).

In an effort to explain why usage of the classes spiked in the last two periods, I tracked down the 7 authors who had used a Latin class in late 2019 and early 2020; all indicated that they had consulted the Esoterics List prior to writing.

This makes sense, given that the classes were almost entirely untranslated before the List was published. Having a log of their definitions and precedents makes using the classes easy; this is further supported by the only non-CWW articles posted before the List were Kinch making 2 entirely new classes.

The point is that giving readers/authors the tools to easily find/use something isn't an inherently neutral action. If you write one of these big Lists, and it sticks, it's probably going to impact the site's landscape in unpredictable ways.

Extend that out to CROM/Marvin or the CSS Theme Preparation Tool or even the Expert Witnesses page, and you get the question, what other innovation are we waiting for that will change how we interact with the wiki and its universe?

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