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  • Drafts
    • 001 - Drafts of 001 proposals, or pages associated with 001 drafts.
    • icebox - Drafts which are not currently being worked on.
    • other - Tales/GOI formats/etc.
    • scp - SCPs.
  • Miscellaneous
    • crab-den - Pages which primarily support the Crab Den internally.
      • include - Technical pages hosting the contents of an include.
      • face - Pretty display pages for demonstrating how to use an include.
    • hub - Pages which host links to other content.
    • misc - Other, miscellaneous pages — usually designed to be deleted eventually.
    • staff - Pages relating to staff work.
  • Other
    • archived - Pages which have been archived, mostly due to loss of interest in the project while they still contain valuable material.
    • complete - Projects (not related to supporting the Crab Den) which have been completed.
    • miller - Pages related to the Miller.aic project.
    • sigma - Pages possessing sigma-normalized variants.
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