The Pit
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You have accessed the UnRegistered Anomaly (URA) database.

The file you have attempted to access is currently being drafted. Due to ongoing complications involving this anomaly and circumstances arising from its containment, publication is not expected to occur in the near future.

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Site Identification Code: Site-872

Abridged Profile


Site-81. Click to enlarge.

Location: Fort Severn, Ontario, Canafa

Site Function: Research, Containment, Task Force Deployment, Administrative

Active Director: Dr. Abigail R. Jackson

Esoteric Research Specialist: Dr. Romero Harkov

Dir. of Facilities: Dr. Gerald Anderson

Provisional Ethics Committee Liaison: James Elohim

Facility Size: Class-E (Low)

Summary Quotation

When I look back at my accomplishments, I don't see myself. I see all of you; all of the support you've given me over these years; all the hours you've poured into your work. I may be receiving this promotion because of some outstanding contributions, but I know well that my colleagues share just as much credit as I do.

Thank you, Site-872. We really are something incredible.

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