Undead Praxis
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Decomissioned

Archival Department Notice Regarding the Following Document:

SCP-XXXX was unofficially classified as Ignosi prior to 16 December 2016. Its documentation and containment were handled exclusively by Site-17 personnel, until a formal decommissioning request was filed. The documentation created by the Site-17 Archival Department has been declared suitable for SCiPNET curation and is presented unaltered.

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent SCP-XXXX's area of influence from extending beyond Site-17, the facility has entered temporary cognito-quarantine procedures. Heavy amnestic therapy has been mandated for all personnel performing inter-site communications, and the expungement of any evidence suggesting SCP-XXXX's existence has been raised to a top priority. All written communication exchanged between Site-17 and other parties must be drafted under double-blind info-resistant conditions.

In the event that any extra-site facility or entity determines SCP-XXXX's existence, or the suggestion thereof by discovering Site-17's cognito-quarantine, containment of the infringing party is acceptable if it is a viable containment strategy situationally.

Site-17's internal Department of Spectral Phenomena has been contracted to determine a method by which SCP-XXXX might be exorcised or neutralized — whichever is most expedient.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates a linguistic phenomenon affecting personnel assigned to Foundation Containment Facility "Site-17". Individuals may be subject to SCP-XXXX when they attempt to communicate via written language. The exact nature of SCP-XXXX's effect is unknown, but it can be inferred from the testimony of personnel that it produces a strong compulsive effect to alter the intended script.

SCP-XXXX is a self-propagating infohazard. Individuals who recognize or suspect SCP-XXXX's existence may become subject to its effect — although this secondary property remained undiscovered until the entirety of Site-17 became affected.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Select Affected SCP-XXXX Documentation

Visit the Library!

Hey guys! Natalie here, just posting an update on my ever-present specialty-search, haha.

I recently received an internship from the Site-17 library, and it is totally cool! You can learn almost anything there, from ritual reanimation to the laundry list of ethical violations committed in this site every day. When I'm not being complicit in crimes of unspeakable depravity, I like to go there and escape from the realization that I'm aiding a system of cruelty and corruption.

Thomas Graham is taking the children and he's tearing them apart to see how they tick.

Like corpses underneath the lab light.

~ Nomadic Natalie

Update: Have I been hacked? How do I take this down?

17 October 2015
Event A copy of the Site-17 Charter displayed within the facility library instead describes several theories on the nature of willpower as relates to death.
Personnel Affected ~4%
3 November 2015
Event A site-wide memo regularly insults and demeans Site-17 Director Thomas Graham throughout the text. The memo is recalled to the best of the Administrative Committee's ability, and Thomas Graham is altered to the nature of SCP-XXXX.
Personnel Affected ~16%
4 November 2015
Event Thomas Graham creates a special committee to investigate SCP-XXXX. The initial missive sent to committee members

No individual named Alex Conrad is currently employed by the Foundation. Further investigation is not anticipated.

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