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My feet touch ground, one in Germany and the other in France. This timeline was like my birthplace, full of small people and smaller lives.

In England, the Palace of Westminster has become self-aware.
In America, New York’s citizens have been replaced by amalgamations of human flesh and pain.
Between the two, the Atlantic Ocean has caught fire. It is screaming.

I open my mouth and a thousand strange tongues speak.

"I am Apollyon."

Suggested Reading

SCP-4051 is a teenage boy, named Rainer, who can create portals and pull small objects out of them. In an attempt to manufacture the active agent in amnesties, he is psychologically damaged by Site-17 personnel until he develops Stockholm Syndrome. Rainer discovers during a containment mission that he can create the inverse of objects, giving him the ability to destroy any matter he can comprehend.


Gods might walk on Earth, but even their femurs can break.

Chapter Two: Arm The Monks And Scholars

Chapter Three: An Army Of Dust And Lightning

Chapter Four: Like The Flesh Does The Knife

Conclusion: In The Ruins Of Normalcy

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